It’s snowing! I have been waiting to snow for the longest time and now its here. I keep watching the snow flakes as they fall in the ground and they are so beautiful. As i watch the snow my mind takes me somewhere else far away from New York, it takes to this little village in the northern part of Albania, where i was brought up and where i learned so many things. Winters were much different than then they are now, maybe for the fact that i am not a little girl any more and i am not sitting by the fire and dreaming about the future, how it’s going to be? I miss those winters for the simple fact my family would gather around the kithchen table and we would share a meal, might have been the simplest thing but oh it was the most delicious one might have. I remember one night the electricity went out. It happened that because of a strong wind or the snow lights would go out. That was my favorite part because my parents would start telling us stories about their lives and me and my siblings would listen to them and enjoy these moments so much. Sometimes, we would eat boiled corn, or roast chest nuts on the stove, or similar things like that. I remember one time i asked my father to sing a polyphonic song. For most of you that are not familiar with that kind of singing might sound very boring and not at all cool, but i think that is such a unique thing about our culture. Anyway, that didn’t turn out that well because none of us know how to sing that way and keep “iso” and didn’t know the words either, but we had so much fun and laughed. I wish i could turn back time and be that little girl for just one minute and experience it all over again. I wish that i could be with my parents and enjoy the fire, the snow that keeps falling from the sky above, and why not the singing with the iso sound….


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